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Whitney Educational Farms was born of David Whitney's background of farming and his desire to be able to show children and people of all ages where our food from the grocery and other day to day items we use come from. The educational farm is located outside St Marys, Ohio at the residence of David and Barb Whitney at 19631 St Marys River Rd. With the Whitney Historical Collections museum we can take you through eras of time in the development of machinery and tools from yesteryear to what is used in present time along with toys and other items of interest. Also in the museum will be videos of farming before and present and there will also be videos and information on farm safety which is beneficial to persons living on the farm and persons visiting a farm.

Behind the building is our Children's Barnyard where we have our farm animals with fun facts about each one of them. This can include their gestation time to how many eggs a chicken normally lays. We also have crop plots so the children can actually see what the crop look like in the field and information telling what those crops are used for from today?s fuel to everyday household products. There is also a playground available for a little leisure and play time.

Then they can hop aboard for a tour around our farms and back to the nature trail and picnic area at our family?s woods. Here they can take a nature walk through the woods and learn about all the various kinds of trees in our area including the famous Buckeye Tree to a Kentucky coffee tree. After the nature hike, you have a shaded area filled with picnic tables where you can enjoy lunches you brought with you or we can provide this for school field trips via our local school if pre-ordered.

After you are done enjoying the rest of the farm there is also a gift shop offering various items and snacks.

For information about coming to visit us we can be reached by phone @ 419-394-2000 or e-mail @ info@whitneypainting.com.


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